Think twice

Life without thinking is like a dog fighting its reflection in water.imagine diving into a pool of water without any knowledge on how to swim.
        ONCE THERE IS…
.once there is head containing brain,there is thinking.
.once there is hand there is work
.once there is water there is life
.once there is woman there is man
.once there is penis there is vagina
.once there is love there is hatred
.once there is famine there is hunger
.once there is plenty there is satisfaction
.once there is good there is evil
.once there is understanding there is peace
.once there is light there is vision
.once there is satan there is Death
          ONCE THERE IS GOD THERE IS  ETERNAL LIFE…peace    be with us alllllllllll…


the dispute in the south western part of ghana(the voltarians)

The alavanyo and nkonya disputes…
This isa land dispute between the nkonya and the alavanyo which started from the early1950 s and has resulted lost lives and properties.
people in this part of the country (ghana)do not sleep in peace.When farmers decide to go to their farms to bring food stuffs and prepare something to eat ,they had send woriors in their town to spy on their whether the are hiding to invade on them.This act make people in the town starve and some die at the cause of it which is very painfull.
the most annoying part is when soldiers and policemen are sent to keep peace ,the people especially the alavanyos rather turn their anger on them and fight them resulting to another loss of lives which is real bad.the people sometimes steal from the police and usr their weapons to invade on the nkonyas especially in theirr farms .For this fight to stop will become abig history in Ghana..! Conflicts never stopuntill